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Ask all your questions concerning your employment directly to an expert

Ask a lawyer

You feel that your employer did not follow the correct legal procedure in terminating your employment. You suspect that your termination may be unfair. You feel mobbed by your colleagues. Or you have any other question related to your existing or former employment.

Ask a lawyer specialized in employment law by e-mail and get, depending on the complexity of your question, an initial assessment or final assessment of your case


Legal advise from a lawyer

Which services are included?
CHF 120
zzgl. VAT
  • Review of your legal question by a lawyer
  • a lawyer will look 30 min. into your question or case
  • Feedback by e-mail

Why should I ask a lawyer and how does this service work?

The employment relationship contains a lot of potential for conflict. We spend every day at work, and on both the employee and employer side, a good relationship between the parties is extremely important. 

How does the Services “Ask a lawyer” work?

You can send us your questions concerning your employment relationship by e-mail. You can also send us up to 3 documents for review.

Our lawyer will spend 30 min. for your case and provide you with a feedback in writing. If your question can be answered within that time, you will get a final clarification from our employment expert.

If your question or case is very complex, and cannot be answered within 30 min., you will receive an initial assessment of your case with further guidance or suggestions how to proceed.

Who will have a look into my question?

Our lawyers are experts in the fields they advice. This is the reason, why lawfy only provides services in selected legal fields. Your request will be dealt with by a lawyer who has absolved the Swiss bar exam and who has several years of experience in the field of employment law, to be able to guarantee you with a high quality of the legal advice

How long does it take to receive a response from lawfy?

We can usually give you an answer within 48 hours during business days. If your request is very urgent and you need an answer before that timeframe (e.g.  due to termination period, etc.), please add the word “URGENT” in your title when you send us the request.

How do I proceed?

You can send us your question to the following e-mail address: