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Data Protection

Initial Assessment

Data protection law in Switzerland is being tightened. The revised Swiss Data Protection Act has been adopted and is expected to enter into force mid 2022. The new law brings many new obligations which will be applicable for all Swiss companies.

Data Protection Packages

starting at CHF 4'900.- zzgl. VAT
Don’t put off the topic of data protection any longer – with our data protection packages especially designed for small and medium sized companies at an affordable and fixed price.


Employment Contract

CHF 290.- zzgl. VAT
The basis for avoiding labour law disputes is an employment contract which ensures clear employment relationships from the outset. Set up a clear employment contract from the beginning to avoid disputes with your employee.

Notice of Termination

starting at CHF 350.- zzgl. VAT
Calculating the correct period of notice is not always easy. For example: When your employee gets sick or pregnant, a termination can be invalid or the notice period can be extended.

Termination Agreement

CHF 470.- zzgl. VAT
You don’t want to stick to the notice period according to the employment contract? Or you’re willing to pay your employee an additional payment as a compensation for the termination? These situations can be agreed upon with a termination agreement, concluded between the employer and the employee.

Trademark Protection

General Terms and Conditions

Protection of Trademark

starting at CHF 450.- zzgl. VAT
The name of your company or your product is your most valuable asset. Protect your product or company name, logo or slogan as a trademark – in Switzerland, the entire EU or worldwide.

General Terms & Conditions

CHF 490.- zzgl. VAT
General Terms and Conditions should be easy for your customers to understand but also meets your business needs. Get your General Terms and Conditions Template from an experienced lawyer. For a fixed price.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Non-Disclosure Agreement

CHF 250.- zzgl. VAT
Protect your working projects, innovative ideas or exciting new products and make sure that they remain secret and cannot be used by another party.